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The European Night Crawler

Hey, it’s the Agriworm Guys here with a worm that you need to add to your worm farm and bait army.

European Night Crawlers
  • They’re an excellent worm for starting your own worm farm; easy to raise and reproduce quickly.
  • They are excellent bait worms.
  • Unlike other bait worms they don’t need refrigeration ( 2-3 week shelf life if fed and kept moist!)
  • You can keep these worms between 45 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit with no problems.

Among the large worm breeds, the European Night Crawler is the most tolerant of temperature fluctuations and environmental changes. They’re also colony dwellers and don’t mind bumping into each other in the worm bin. Close living quarters also makes them quick breeders and an ideal breed to raise in your worm farm. Just remember, if you want to fully develop European Night Crawlers into outstanding bait worms, they need plenty of bin room to grow large.

So the European Night Crawlers are easy to breed and  require low maintenance; but what else?

European Night Crawlers Bait Worms

European Night Crawlers are tough bait worms! They stay alive longer and are much more active than other types of fishing worms. European Night Crawlers can be used in ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, reservoirs and other bodies of fresh water and it’s the only earthworm suitable for use in brackish water. A frisky European Night Crawler will attract many different varieties of fish. If you’re going after trout, perch, bass, bluegill,- practically any species of fish – try the European Night Crawler.

What are you waiting for ? Add some of these to your cart and see for yourself !

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