European Red Nightcrawlers


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European Night Crawlers are fast becoming a favorite breed for the worm farm.The Euro can tolerate higher levels of moisture than the red wiggler and has been successfully used in paper sludge processing operations. Like red worms the Euro is easy to raise and reproduce quickly so they are good pick for both first time and experienced worm farmers. Euros are pretty hardy, love table scraps, and grow quite large. If you plan on raising bait worms the Euro is the perfect choice. Besides fishing, all our worms are a tasty, high protein treat for turtles, frogs, koi, birds, and lizards, etc .

European Night crawlers do not need to be refrigerated, as the Canadian Night crawlers do. They can survive in a bait cup for 3 weeks, or even longer if you take care to add some water and food.

Our worms are ship via USPS Priority Mail  within the continental United States, with a 2-3 days delivery.

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European Red Nightcrawlers grow to be 3-8 inches long and are 2 or 3 times bigger than their smaller cousins, the red wigglers (Eisenia Fotida).


The European variant are certainly better for larger foods that aren't as broken down, or for leaves and other tougher material that has not been pre-composted.


Can be successfully introduced to most garden environments. They are mid range dwellers and will till and aerate your soil for you, while supplying valuable castings.


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